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eShopWorld’s global e-Commerce solutions enable many of the world’s best-known brands to sell across borders to shoppers around the world.

Through a simple integration, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) enhances the brand’s existing webstore to create a hyper-localised, frictionless shopping experience for global consumers, enabling brands to Sell Global, Feel Local™.

Our industry-leading checkout and global infrastructure combine to mirror the shoppers’ domestic eCommerce journey, ensuring they can purchase seamlessly from their favourite brands.

Every touchpoint on the shopping journey is designed to build trust, maximise conversion and deliver a superior crossborder shopping experience.


Contact Person:  Mirta Scimionato // Business Development Director

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Ireland-based eShopWorld is revolutionizing the online retail process by delivering a seamless and glocalized shopping experience. The platform allows customers to shop anywhere at anytime, enhancing what its managers like to call a “customer journey,” which spans from the first website visit through delivery, including customer service and returns. We chatted with eShopWorld’s Chief Solutions Officer David Power.

eShopWorld is an Irish reality, but you aren’t the only company facilitating online payments and deliveries. How do you distinguish yourselves among your competitors?

While our headquarters are in Ireland, eShopWorld has offices and operations all around the globe, which is an important distinction in what we can offer clients, and how we can support their global ambitions. We operate at a scale and a reach that our competition has not achieved. Our experience of delivering hyper-local experiences in global markets at scale means we are a proven solution. The final point I would make on this is that we have invested heavily in our technology platform, we have a mobile-first design that is extremely user friendly and our infrastructure scales to meet demand, with proven performance statistics over peak sales times such as Black Friday and the Christmas shopping period.

Tell us a little more about your fashion clients. Who are they?

Our fashion clients are typically global fashion brands pitched at the premium or luxury sector. The products range from sportswear to lingerie to high fashion.

Shipping in the EU can be tricky with all of the customs documents and sometimes, exorbitant duties

imposed on the consumer…
How do you work around that?

We understand how much of a headache this can be for a business that is aiming to expand and deliver a cross-border offering. Our solutions can take a product feed from the retailer, categorise and calculate the necessary duties and/or taxes on each individual product and then offer pricing options for the consumer. These options can be inclusive or exclusive of these charges, with a guaranteed cost to the consumer. We handle all of the necessary documentation and processing through customs. We also handle the reverse logistics or the returns aspect and collect and return as needed. We also support more sophisticated solutions that leverage bonded facilities to minimise the complexity, where the volume makes it appropriate.

How about China and the Middle East?

From an eCommerce perspective, selling into China is dominated by the marketplaces – in particular TMALL and JD.COM. We also see considerable growth in the WeChat platform and the emergence of Boutiques on this platform. Our clients participate in these marketplaces to access consumers in China and apply our solution outside of China to address other key territories, such as the wider South East Asian region, and the Middle East.

Can you tell us one facet of your business that is making the shipping process more streamlined?

One example is that identification (ID) such as passport details are required to clear customs in some countries, which can result in a protracted shipping timeline. In this situation, we capture the ID in our checkout so that the goods can be cleared seamlessly, and we can minimise the impact on delivery time.

Have your thought about adopting cryptocurrency payments? What other currencies and payment methods are paramount in markets like China, South Korea and Japan?

Outside of China the adoption of Cryptocurrency is slow and there is very little consumer demand at the moment. Our payment strategy centres on a concept of ‘market gain’, meaning that we add payment methods if they can deliver incremental penetration across the total population. Chinese shoppers predominantly use standard cards, with a large percentage also using Alipay. The situation is similar in South Korea and Japan, with Japanese shoppers having an option to pay with cash in Konbinis, a convenience store where you collect and pay with a product ID.

What are some of the innovations driving your growth and your progress to a shipping method that is ever more streamlined?

We are focused on delivering a local experience for a Global Shopper. Our vision is to connect shoppers with their favourite brands, and we believe that a seamless shipping experience is a crucial part of that journey. This means that our innovations will always focus on rapid access to product, ease of shopper journey and predictability of package delivery. We are focusing on developing more APP-based tracking and returns solutions that do not require labels to create a frictionless experience. We continuously innovate around our backend technology and processes, to ensure that all of the complexity of moving millions of packages quickly across borders, looks and feels completely frictionless to the shopper.